To commemorate this occasion, we’ve decided to start releasing the once print-only “Lucian Fallen” as an online comic. The first issue in its entirety is already up then the second one to follow. At the beginning of April, we will be releasing the rest of the series bit by bit on a weekly basis.

For those who have supported us in the past and have bought the printed copies…
…we owe you our huge thanks! The comic wouldn’t be where it currently is without your support over the years! As a “thank you”, we have a special event!
Please e-mail (akui.illintent[at]gmail[dot]com) a photo of yourself along with the issues you’ve bought along with:

  • your name
  • which issues you’ve purchased
  • your favourite character in “Lucian Fallen”
  • mailing address (if you’ve bought all 8 issues so far)
  • permission to post your photo online (no obscenities please! lol)

If you have purchased:

  • a comic you will receive a 10th anniversary wallpaper
  • at least 5 issues, you will receive a pencil sketch of your favourite Lucian Fallen character, e-mailed to you
  • all 8 issues, all the above and the finished full-coloured version of the sketch (5.5″x8.5″) printed on card stock & mailed to you!

These events will go on ’til January 19, 2014!