A student bent on uncovering the truth about his lover’s death through the rediscovery of a lost civilization.
This is the story of “Lucian Fallen”

I first started Lucian Fallen in 2003 while I was at home recovering from surgery.  Originally, it was a side project…a hobby.  It had hand-drawn text and was about as amateur as I could think of.  Later, we sold it at local conventions just to see if anyone else thought it was remotely any good.  Now, after years of on-and-off publishing, we’ve decided to put it out online because…..well, I guess it’s in the hopes that a wider group of people will read and enjoy the story for what it is.
The toughest question for me to answer has always been: “So, what’s it about?”  I had written the series to be a suspese-action….a mystery.  It’s always tough to give out details of the story without answering some of that mystery.
Well now, I can cheat.  It’s online.  It’s free.  What’s it about?  Give it a little bit of a read and judge for yourself.  I’ve always hated when people throw the whole salesman’s pitch at me.

I have always loved the storytelling more than the drawing.  I hope you find some enjoyment in this series and I thank you for taking the time to read it.

-Andrew Nagy